Long trails

en las rutas largas hacemos paradas para dormir en lugares increíbles

2 days trail

They are perfect for an adventure weekend. We will ride 6 to 8 hours per day. Each jockey will carry his own meal; we will camp and we can organize a barbecue for the dinner (price not included in the trail price). There will be shower and bathrooms at the end of the day.


Several days trail

If you are an experienced jockey, this trail has been made for you! We can organize trails in different locations (we should prepare the transport for people and animals, and take this price in consideration). We will need some time to organize this kind of trail, so please if you want to book, call us in advance. This is the perfect trail for intense short hollidays.


If you want to book one of our long trails, send us a WhatsApp message: (+34) 647 52 12 94

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