Our trails

If you are looking for trails in a horse in Asturias, you are in the right place!


We are located between the “concejos” of Corvera, Oviedo, Llanera and Las Regueras, but we can make ourselves available in any other location in Asturias if you require so.

We propose trails in wild nature. One of the advantages of riding a horse is that you can travel easily through interesting and quaint places which are not so accessible by walk.

We have conceived our trails thinking of all kinds of nature and horse loves: you will enjoy at the same time the landscape and the horse. We will try to organize our trails in 4 or 5 people groups to make sure you have the best experience.



We suggest you to wear long-sleeved resistant clothes which withstand friction with branches or brambles.   

We provide riding helmet, leggins and vest. If you have delicate hands, you can bring gloves. We also suggest you to wear resistant shoes, sport shoes are ok, but you must avoid hiking boots which can be too big to use the stirrup.


Our trails

 during our trial we can sleep in a cottage in the mountain

Short trails: if you are a beginner, or you want to live adventures but you prefer to go back to sleep at home, we propose several short trails which are perfect for you.

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we can also camp during our several days trials

Long trails: for more experienced jockeys, nature lovers, who really want to live an authentic experience far from civilization, we have conceived several day trails.

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