Our horses

Our horses live all the year outside and are able to run free all over our ground. For this reason, their natural appareance changes with seasons: their hair is shorter and more shiny in summer, more woolly during the winter.

We treat them and take care of them all over the year and at the same time we provide them the closest life conditions to what they would have in freedom. We practice a natural sprot style for natural people.

The group for the trials is composed by five animals, you can see here more informations about our horses: 


Our horses are all calm, even Hera, the most dynamic of the group


 Dappled gray Spanish-Arabian mare, she has a strong temperament, she is great for experienced jockeys using bite.



Odd-colored mixed horse, very gentle, good temperament, he can be ridden by jockeys from all levels.


Black mixed horse with a good and noble temperament. He can be ridden by experimented jockeys but also by beginners.


Gray Spanish mare, she has a peaceful nature and can be ridden by everyone.


 Light Gray Spanish mare, she has her temperament. That’s why she is usually ridden by our guide Caye, even if she can be ridden by experienced jockeys using bite.

To know more about our horses, visit our facebook page or instagram @asturacaballo